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majority of cases of jaundice of the newborn is not cause for concern by the parents nor the doctor, and do not require necessarily be addressed, but that some of those cases Severe requires medical intervention therapy to stop the worsening impact of the reason that leads to it, and in order to prevent the occurrence of any complications on the child’s brain.

Appearance of yellowish “jaundice”: often starts yellowish “jaundice” to emerge with the baby between the second day and fourth years of age, and symptoms of jaundice of newborn elements clear, the yolk color of the skin, and the yolk whites of the eyes. Diseaseless Program - Ken Drew Review.

And are often note the yolk on the skin of the face, then the whites of the eyes and skin, chest and abdomen, hands and legs. , and the best way to check for the presence of yellowish “jaundice”, is the examination under the light of day by pressing gently fingering on Skin brow or a rabbit child’s nose, to remove the color of the blood flow in the capillaries of the skin.

If broad yellow color on the skin of the area, before the return of blood flow, the baby has jaundice, and if it seemed skin color pales only, it is not the child’s jaundice often. When Parents must request medical aid for such cases?

Actually practiced in the majority of hospitals, is to examine the child’s newborn jaundice before discharge from the hospital, and urges the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics on newborn screening for jaundice at least once every 12 hours soon after birth and during their stay in hospital . ,

But newborn child peek, and children who leave the hospital, usually in early, you must screened during the period between the third day and fifth years of age, a time when the proportion of substance causing yellow jaundice, at the top of their normal level of high expectancy The majority of children. Further Inquiry Visit our Privacy Rules


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