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jaundice (yolk) in the newborn sense that increasing the proportion of material Jaundice Bilirubin makes the baby’s skin appears in yellow (may not be obvious), this yellow color appears first in the face (and the eye - the solid part white), and then appears in the chest and abdomen, and finally in the limbs.

Blood contains a substance hemoglobin capable of carrying oxygen inside red blood cells, and red blood cells have a certain age then breaks up and die and then come out of her hemoglobin into the blood to turn into a yellow substance, a substance Jaundice Bilirubin. Ken Drew & Dr. Patel Review Program

Child be has jaundice when it increases the proportion of material jaundice in the blood Bilirubin, which is produced naturally in the body more quickly than the ability of the liver to deal with him and broken down, and then sent off and get rid of it with feces, and it happens to one of the following reasons:

§ Liver newborn child is not able to remove the material Jaundice Bilirubin of blood.

§ increase the production of jaundice Bilirubin more than the ability of the liver to handle and dispose of them.

§ increasing the re-absorption of the material Jaundice Bilirubin of the intestine before disposal with feces. How do I know that my baby has jaundice?

Parents usually know no change in the status of their child and that change the color of the skin, or yellowing of the whites of the eyes, when to the skin in sunlight (natural light), or some fluorescent lamps. way easy and simple to learn and having a change of skin color and jaundice is done by pressing the simple parties finger on the skin for a short time, especially the nose area or the front, (but not that simple).

If skin color white, there is no jaundice, and this applies to all children, whatever their color, either if there is yellowing should visit the pediatrician who will be examining clinical, may need to make some laboratory tests. How can I treat Jaundice? For Any Question or Feedback Feel Free to Say At Contact Diseaseless Program.

Level simple average of jaundice do not need any treatment, but the high level that has not gone down on its own may need to photo-dynamic therapy or other treatment. photo-dynamic therapy depends on the shed certain type of lighting, which helps to get rid of the material Jaundice
Bilirubin for by changing the composition, which helps the liver to get rid of them, this treatment may need to put the baby in the hospital for several days, though there are some doctors treat some cases of lighting in the home.


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